Parental socializing at school

I arrived at school to pick up my two youngest sons, and saw a little gathering of parents already there. Feverishly I tried to think of something to say, because I feel it's important to socialize as a parent.

Although I wish I didn't, because groups and I are a bad combo. I walked towards the group with trepidation trying to come up with a good opening line, discarding: 'Don't I know you from somewhere?' and 'Isn't it hot in here?' Then, to my relief, I saw a dad whose wife is suffering from a burn-out! What a stroke of good luck! Now I had some material to work with, and start up a conversation.

'How is your wife doing?' I asked excitedly, basking in my stroke of good luck.
'Getting there,' he said. 'One day at at a time.'
'Good to know, good to know,' I mumbled, wondering what else to say. 'It's not easy for parents in the year… eh…' I began, wondering where in God's name I was going with this sentence.
'2012?' the dad suggested.
But before I could answer I walked into School Bus Sign and hit my head.
'Are you alright?'
'I'm fine! I'm fine!' I shouted, trying to look like that didn't hurt.

Mercifully that was when the kids got out of school, so I could say: 'Oooh what a shame! There are my kids! See you later!'
Just in time I a bit back: 'alligator', because thát would have been plain embarrassing.

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  1. When it comes to groups, I usually don't talk much at first. But I'm a riot once I've warmed up to people. :)

  2. It's always hard to think of ways to start conversations with people you don't really know... hope it goes a little smoother next time:)
    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Haha! Sounds like a rough start, but also could be a great conversation starter for the next time. :)
    Small talk is one of the toughest talks to conquer.

  4. It's so hard too, when all you have in common is that your kids attend the same school or activity. Not a lot to go on!

  5. Socializing with people you hardly know can be quite unnerving. Now, they'll remember you as the mom who hit her head on the School Bus sign :)

  6. Some parent groups can be so clicky. I don't usually say much at first. I find dads to be easier to talk to.

  7. Sounds totally like me... its hard to walk into a group of socializing parents.. Good for you for trying.. and Who cares what they think.. :)


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