Summer Vacation can be hard on moms...


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  1. I love this! Where did you get that ad? Been looking for vintage clips to use on PMP. Don't I wish there was time to climb in a bath with a cake of soap! :0)

    1. Hi Joy! You can find the link beneath the picture.

      I just love the question: 'Why ruin the evening, Mother' with a capital 'M'.
      And what about daddy, being the 'nice guy'...

  2. oh this is hilarious, yet good advice.

  3. Oh - this is what I've been missing. No wonder the summer has seemed so long - lol! We actually have registration tomorrow and start school next Monday (can you believe it?)! I plan on working in some baths as soon as my four return!

  4. BATHS?! What are those? I know my kids take them, but since I've had children I haven't had the opportunity to sit and soak in a bath. It doesn't help that the kids have the only bathroom with the bathtub ;).

  5. HA HA HA! This is what got me...besides the bath concept, "Housework on HOT days..." . Nah, pretty much housework on ANY day makes me tired and cross. Seriously. Thanks for the giggle. Tweeting it now!

  6. DH tells me you should soak in a bath. I tell him when do I have time for that?! NEVER! Somehow he doesn't seem to get it!

  7. I can barely get through a quick shower without someone banging on the door to ask me an urgent question. Did moms ever have time for relaxing baths?

  8. They forgot to mention the healthy glass of wine you need to take into that bath with you!

  9. But who's supposed to watch the kids while I'm in the tub?


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