Hairy subject: hairy pubic area

I kept reading reviews of Caitlin Morans book How to Be a Woman. How to be a woman, is an autobiography of Caitlin Moran's life, and it's a book about feminine stuff you encounter as a woman.

So when I wandered through the library, and I saw it standing there on a shelf, I jumped on it, and put it in my bag to take home with me! Because even though I ám a woman, you never know what new stuff there is to learn about hów to be a woman.

The loss of the hairy pubic area

One particular topic that grabbed my attention, was the question about whether it's okay to be hairy down there. And I was shocked to read that modern day man is shocked when he finds himself in bed with a woman who has 'gone bush'.

In a way I think that is quite sad. What happened to old fashioned chivalry?! I can't imagine being in bed with my husband, and him critiquing my private parts. He should consider himself lucky he's allowed to get so close!

What message do I want to give my kids?

Anyway, Caitlin Moran's book got me thinking, about what message I want to give my two daughers and three sons. I don't want my sons growing up thinking women should be bald down there, nor do I want my girls to feel obliged to remove their pubic hair.

So I've decided there's only one thing to do: I've got to show them what a real woman looks like. Next time I step out of the shower, I'm going commando!

How do you feel about the hair subject of a hairy pubic area?
And what message do you wish to impart on your children?

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  1. lol, this is quite a funny question. Without revealing too much...let's just say I saw a stray hair sticking out one day at the pool...and I rectified the situation immediately. Yuck!

    1. Yes, I don't like stray hairs either. Especially not when I'm in public.

  2. Had to laugh, even though it's kind of not a funny idea. I want my daughter to grow up knowing she's perfect the way she is... as for the hair... I'm not sure how I can "show" her that one though...

  3. This is an interesting topic! My girls are 16 & 22, and we talked about sex, drugs, alcohol, but not hair. I let that be their decision :)

    Stopping by from VoiceBoks!

    1. The thing about saying it's their decision is that they may be getting onesided info. Apparently nowadays in magazines en movies the norm is to be bald down there. So if that's all you see, you're going to think that is how it's supposed to be.

      That is why I feel it is a topic to have a conversation about. So your kids get áll the information.

  4. Lol! This cracks me up. I've actually been a little bit conflicted about how or if my daughters and I will discuss this. I think if we do, it would be a discussion about being clean cut but letting them determine just how clean is clean. It's a personal preference, I think. Plus, If a man asks us to be bald, than he should be willing to do the same on his end. Lol! :)

    1. I hear lots of men do go bald because it makes their crown jewels look larger!

  5. My sister-in-law just had the same conversation with me...and she was grouching about male expectation, lol.

  6. Oh wow - crazy hairy topic! lol! It might also be a cultural thing or was (15 years ago) when I moved to the US from South Africa. Things might have caught up by now....

  7. This is too much isn't it. I'm glad my husband doesn't have issues there. The last thing I want to do is make waxing appointments. I guess you just have to go with your personal wishes. On the other hand, my husband likes my hair on my head long and grey, so I do that for him, because it makes him happy, and I don't care. I guess if it really made him happy for me to be bald down there, I would do it...whatever works!


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