I made a difference today

After four weeks of taking it easy, shooting the breeze, letting it all hang out, letting bygones be bygones, going with the flow, slowing down, letting the kids 'do their thing', I don't know what came over me, but suddenly I felt the urge to do some cleaning!

There's this little cupboard in my office, that's really a door to the space beneath the stairs. It's more of a crawling space really, and I've been using it to throw things in there that I would look at 'later'.
'But later is now!' I snarled, feeling all Arnold Schwarzenegger like.

At first I thought I needed a trip to Ikea to get me one of their handy organizing systems, like the Trovast. But when I saw how much it cost I didn't like it anymore. Luckily I found some containers I could pile up, and after investing the mighty sum of 15$ I am now the proud owner of a great storage system.

Risking life and limb I opened the little door to the cupboard, and got to work. And I'm proud to say: I really made a difference today!

Look at the before and after pics!

Have you got an organizing system?

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  1. Awesome, I love it when everything is in its place nice and neatly! Your before and after pics look wonderful!

  2. Oh I've got a cubby that looks like that (pix1) too---there are three bins and then piles of EVERTHING--When you organize its amazing how much space you find LOL

  3. That 'after' space rocks! I've been in a cleaning mood too...you know the deep-cleaning kind of mood we moms are prone too. Must be something in the air. :)

    Good job cleaning out the cubby space (now the kids'll wanna get in there and hide, hah!). ;o)

  4. Heavens no! I haven't got an organizing system. I just hope I get the urge to clean up soon because the room needs it!

  5. Isn't it great when you feel like you've accomplished something? I'm trying to save all of my organizing until the kids go back to school, but I just can't stand myself! I don't feel the "need" to clean and organize often, so I need to just go with it when I do!

  6. I'm a major neat freak, so I love housekeeping posts!! Looks like you tackled it and accomplished a big feat! Congrats!


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