It's my youngest son birthday

… and I'll smile if I want to!

Nine years ago today, after a punishing heatwave and five weeks of Summer Vacation spent all alone with four children*, I gave birth to my youngest son Pete.

Secretly I had been hoping he might just fall out, keeping the labor easy and light, but no such luck! It turned out to be the toughest delivery of them all, and ended in hospital. There he was born, screaming and crying and looking like a little evil goblin. He was definitely nót a happy camper.

But nine years later, he ís a happy camper! When he stopped being angry, he discovered he was loved and surrounded by two brothers, two sisters and doting parents. What more could a child want!

So happy birthday little Pete! I'm so happy you're here.

*We thought we were being clever, saving my husband's vacation days until áfter the baby was born...

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  1. so very cute. Isnt is so scary how fast they grow up? My oldest is 17, and driving which is unbelievable !!

  2. Hope he has a happy Birthday!! And YOU have a good weekend!

  3. Happy birthday!! to your baby! Grace, peace and blessings.. Carla

  4. Happy birthday! Glad he is smiling and enjoying his world :)

  5. Happy Birthday to your Pete! He has a great smile and looks perfectly happy to be 9!

  6. Happy birthday to your boy! I've been pregnant through this summer's heat wave and it's brought me to my knees so many times. I have no idea how you did it with four others running around! Glad it all ended with one happy boy.

  7. I hope Pete had a happy birthday!


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