Low maintenance

I tell my hubby often: 'I'm very low maintenance! I don't need expensive vacations, I drewl over a Big Mac and I buy my clothes second hand on eBay!'
And just to make sure he gets my point I add: 'You are one lucky guy!'

Then hubby goes all skittish on me, and I see his eyes looking for a way out.
'All I ask of you is to offer me a compliment for being such an easy wife,' I tell him.

But apparently thát, would cost him too much.

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  1. I am so with you!! I too am low maintenance and only require a compliment here and there. {as we say in my family)... ugh the men! Grace, peace and blessings, Carla

  2. Ugh, same here! Men can be so dense!

  3. I tell my husband that I am a different kind of high maintenance. I love back massages, expensive chocolate, flying down a dirt trail on my mountain bike and a good day skiing. He is okay with that so we are cool. BTW- love your gardening picture!

  4. Give him some high maintenance of a week or two then he will tell you all the time how much he likes the "other" you. LOL

  5. Except for the vacation thing (I usually pay for them though, so it's okay), I am low maintenance too. I can't remember hubby ever complimenting me on it, but I have heard him, or heard of him, saying nice things about me behind my back. :) Maybe hubby's talking good about you, just not to you. :)

  6. Love this post!! LOL

  7. LOL now there's a conversation I know and have had. HOwever, I usually ask for a bit of respite just a few minutes for an uninterrupted shower, lol. Time to wash my hair even.

  8. Oh, I think you're one amazing wife. . . . if that counts! :) I hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks! I'll take any compliment I can get!


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