It really ís, the most wonderful time of the year!

I've always felt that the start of the new school year deserves as much fireworks on Times Square as the new 'regular' year. Both are the start of something new.

Right now it's that time of year again: the kids are going back to school! And many a mom gets teary eyed. But not all for the same reasons! On the one hand we have the moms who weep because they hate to see their kids go. On the other hand we have the moms who weep because they lóve to see their kids go. As much as they love them!

I'm one of the latter moms. And I'm like this dad:

Because I just loooove my office supplies.

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  1. I sometimes do that with my co-workers too: play around with office supplies. It's a welcome break from all the serious stuff.

    Make the most of your time alone while the kids are away at school. I'm pretty sure you've got a lot planned ;)

  2. I really AM that Dad =^b

    Yep I say make it a National Holiday for the parents LOL

  3. LOL at the Dad!
    I wish I could say the same thing. I bring my son to school and wait for his two-and-a-half-hour class to end.

  4. That's definitely one of my favorite commercials, hands down. Now that I have my own kids it's even better!

  5. I've always loved that commercial!! I was sad the summer was over, but was looking forward to time without arguing and fighting and . . .

  6. I love that commercial. We had a neighborhood sing along of that song the day before the kids all went back to school. Parent hugging and swaying as we realized we would be able to go to the bathroom and shop for groceries all alone again. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

  7. That commercial is great! My kids are not school-aged yet--my 4-year-old's preschool is year-round, so we don't have back to school fever until next year.


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