santa clauseWho says being a Stay At Home Mom is a dead end job?!

I stand here before you a proud mom, who has just been promoted to Santa Clause!
'Do you know how much I love you mommy?' my youngest son Pete asked me. 'As much as I love Santa!' Just try and achieve thát in corporate America!
I immediately invested in a brigh red outfit, and some black boots to show off my newly acquired status.

And in about ten years from now I see myself becoming a Goddess.
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  1. That's awesome! Achieving the Santa level is an honor. :)

  2. This is soo funny! haha!

  3. Haha! See you in Mount Olympus! :)

  4. That is high praise indeed!

  5. It doesn't get much better then Santa! Consider yourself promoted :-)

  6. So cute! Being compared to Santa is about as cool as you can be! And I'm sure you're already a goddess in their minds...

  7. Out of the mouth of babes as they say, lol. That's a whole lot of luv then, lol.


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