Show me the bag

'What's in my bag' is een meme where you show the contents of your bag. After my very deep analysis of The Very Hungry Caterpillar I feel it's time for some light relief so I decided to share the contents of my bag with you.

I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by the contents of my bag. There wasn't all thát much. However some things were a bit sticky..

The watermelon bag and the red bag are testament to my efforts to rid the world of plastic bags. Whenever they offer me a plastic bag, I triumphantly say: 'No thank you! I've got my own bag!' And then I pull out my watermelon bag like a magicians pulls a white rabbit out of his sleeve.

The little red book is for jotting down deep thoughts. Hence the pen. Unfortunately the book is pretty much empty.

The little green book is a diary, that mostly holds blank pages, because I prefer my big desk diary.

Behind the watermelon bag there's an Always sanitary pad, because you never know! Besides, with three women in the house we often run out of sanitary pads, and this one is my back up pad!

At the bottom on the left you can see my lovely big, red wallet. In another life it's a bag for toiletries, but I like to use it as a wallet. The little pink floral wallet holds all the (credit)cards I seldom use.

Next to the wallet is a coin, I always lose. But hey, there it is!

The little orange walletlike thingy doesn't belong in my bag! I don't know how it got there. I wear it during my runs, so I can buy myself a cup of coffee.

Sometimes I feel a bit shaky, and then I'll take some candy.

Then there's some loose change, that's supposed to be in my wallet.

And last but not least, the obligatory paper handkerchiefs.

So, now that my stuff is out of the bag, what's in yours?
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  1. My bag is sometimes organized, most of the time messy now that I have a kid and I'm always rushing in and out of the house. I just throw whatever I need in there and try to fix it in the car if I'm not driving!

  2. My bag is definitely on the messy side. But one thing I would like to say is that I think you can often tell something about the person from the contents of their bag (not that I go around looking). :)

  3. I usually carry a tote purse so I can carry everyone's stuff (it's easier with one than without when they still expect me to carry their stuff...). It's neat, but always busy w/the contents rotating according to who's with me at the time. When I became the carry all, I'm not sure. lol

    I can tell you for sure what's not in it though... (enough money). :)

  4. Most of the time before I leave the house, my bag is organized but when I return, it's usually a mess. If I go alone, it's only the long wallet, mobile phone, comb, and hankie, but if I'm with the hubby and the kiddo, there's a lot more. :)

  5. I organize my bag and it generally goes cluttered within a day! I too carry a "red bag" because it is my goal in life to rid the world of plastic bags as well!


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