Gold Digger

'I had a dream,' my husband told me at breakfast. 'I was walking past a slot machine, and I happened to pull the handle. And I won a million bucks!' The dreamy look in his eyes reminded me of the time he heard there would be another season of Star Trek.

Then his eyes fell on me, and the soft glow in his eyes disappeared. 'Then I woke up!'
'Bummer!' I shrugged. 'But luckily you already won the jackpot by marrying me.'
'Hmpf,' he growled.

But later that day, as I was trying to clean our oven, our youngest son Pete came running, and whispered: 'Mommy, daddy is playing Gold Digger again.'
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  1. this post made me chuckle!!

  2. I believe your husband hit the jackpot with you, too. :)

  3. If you spoke in Klingon, that would probably make him feel that he's scored a billion bucks :)

  4. Now, why didn't I think of that! That's a great idea.


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