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christmas tree
Yesterday I put up our Chrismas tree, and decorated it with my youngest son en daughter. The other three were too busy doing other stuff. How do you like our tree?!

Artificial Christmas tree for peace on earth, and peace of my mind!

When the kids were smaller we invested in an artificial Christmas tree, because as toddlers they had the unfortunately tendency to eat the needles that fell on the floor. So for the sake of my peace of mind, and the kids' health, we lowered our standard and went fake.

But I have to say: it may be fake, but an artificial christmas tree is very handy and practical! After you're done with Christmas you just stuff it back into its box until next year. And no poor tree has to die.

Plastic Christmas ornaments

We used paper and plastic Christmas ornaments instead of beautiful, shiny glass Christmas balls. That way it wouldn't matter if the kids shook the tree, and Chrismas ornament fell down.

Since we knew we had definitely lost the quest for a stylish, grown up Christmas tree, we gave our kids free reign with there selfmade decorations. So our Christmas tree used to sport a lot of toilet rolls. And in the top of the tree, there's a Christmas angel my eldes daughter made, alsof made from a toiletroll.

But even though our tree isn't very chic, I still love it. And I love that it's no-mainentance.
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  1. I grew up with an artificial tree and always envied those who trekked out to cut theirs down. It wasn't until I was a teenager that I begged for a "real" tree. Now as an adult, who has a lovely tradition of trekking out with my own children to find the perfect tree, I envy those who don't have needles to clean up and have the ease of packing up and storing their tree. The grass is always greener. In truth, I love our tree tradition, but I have had more than one occasion that I was ready to throw it away for a tree that doesn't topple over and shed! Enjoy your tree and the season! Sitting by mine is my very favorite part.

  2. I am stuck with a real tree, year after year. My kids won't hear of an artificial one! And I don't want to disappoint them. One year we actually cut our tree. I will never do that again - way too hard! Now my teenager boys sling a cut one onto the roof of the minivan. Still unsettling, but an improvement!
    This year, we aren't getting our tree until the bathroom remodel is finished. I refuse to decorate a dirty house!
    : )

  3. We have started cutting our own down - wagon rides to the fields. It's great. We do it early in the season so we can have the tree as long as possible.

  4. Sitting next to the Christmas tree is great fun indeed! I love how you've created a family tradition by trekking out with your children to find the perfect one.

  5. Sometimes it's the kids that keep you on the straight and narrow! I can understand why they would want a real tree.

  6. That sounds like great fun! It conjures up pictures in my mind of the Little House on the Prairie!


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