Haircut fail

January 30, 2013
'Mom, I need a haircut,' my eldest son Jan who's sixteen told me. He's been sporting this terrible 'emo hairdo' which looks like some toddler took a pair of scissors to it. And I actually had to páy to get it looking like that...
I took a look and indeed: his hair was finally looking normal again.

'Why don't you let it grow for a while longer,' I tried. 'And then comb it back, instead of letting it hang like a curtain across your face.'
'Fail!' Jan declared.
'But you would look so good,' I tried. 'You're such a handsome boy, and it's alright to show it!'

'Mom, why don't you just give up,' Jan advised me.
'But it's part of my secret plan to get you a haircut I actually like!'

For a moment there was silence, then he said: 'But now you've told me, it's no longer a secret.'
Then it was my turn to be silent. To buy some time I took a sip of my tea, and then it was my turn to say: 'Fail!'

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  1. I have seen just the type of haircut you're talking on many of the boys around here. I've often wondered how they manage to walk around without running into things with all that hair in their face.


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