5 reasons why I still miss Blogger sometimes

I moved all my blogs, of which there are many, to Wordpress some time last October. What can I say? I was driven to do it!

I'd been reading about how Wordpress is way more professional than Blogger and how all the popular bloggers were doing it.

Then my husband decided to stay home for three weeks longer, and I couldn't even take a shower without him dropping by. And I just felt this great need to do something. Anything. So that's when I channelled all of my energy into the move from Blogger to Wordpress. It was either that, or kill the hubster.

All in all I have to admit, Wordpress has kind of grown on me. But it's a difficult relationship, and sometimes I still long for the good old days when I was holding hands with dear old Blogger. Here are the 5 reasons why I still miss it.

5 reasons why I still miss Blogger

  • Blogger allowed me to have a blog to fool around with. And then when I liked the look and feel of it, I could just copy the html code and paste it into my blog of choice.

  • Blogger has a 'Blog List' featuring all the blogs you like

  • Blogger made sure I didn't mess up my blog completely. Wordpress just lets me get myself into big trouble and then stands by doing nothing.

  • Even though I'm not very good with html, I was actually able to change html code in Blogger. I wouldn't dare touch any code in Wordpress! Oh no! It's scary to even say it.

  • Blogger is owned by Google which made me feel safe, and like being part of the smart team.

Which blog platform do you use? Blogger or Wordpress?
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  1. I am still on blogger. I have been kind of itching to move, but I keep holding back. My reasons being why do I need to move? My blog is always going to be somewhat of a hobby and I probably won't become a professional blogger. I enjoy the ease of use and I also like the blog roll. I asked my husband who is a software architect and he helped me weigh the positives and negatives of both, coming up with an answer of remaining on blogger for the time being. So I got a blog makeover and it has kept me happy so far! I guess it depends on what outcome you want for your blog in the end and what you are happy with.

  2. I use WordPress and I have a list of blogs I follow displayed on my blog. Why not try that instead of the blogs you like?

  3. It's not the same though, is it. The Blogger blog list shows more than just the blog title. It shows an image of the post and often a snippet.

  4. I'm on Blogger, and I'm pretty happy with it. Sure, sometimes I feel left out because all the cool kids are on WordPress, but oh well. Unless Blogger does something really despicable to tick me off, I think I'll stay with them.


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