Male Dutch tv-host drinks from woman's breast

Some women would love to breastfeed, but are somehow unable to do so.

If they really want their baby to have breastmilk they can turn to a Mother's Milk Bank. To let more people know about Mother's Milk Banks it was the topic on a popular Dutch talk show.

However, the male host suddenly asked one of the women in the audience if he could have a sip, and then he had one. Even though this action definitely got everyone's attention, I feel it was gross and disrespectful.

Take a look for yourself if you dare to...

I have to utter this warning: this video may be shocking, and shows bare breasts.

What do you think about this tv-host's actions? Is it a clever way to put Mother's Milk Banks on the map, or just in very poor taste?
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  1. I find that to be in very poor taste. There are better ways to promote breastfeeding than to be shocking.

  2. Oh my. This was done in poor taste, no question about that.

  3. Apparently it was a 'spur of the moment' kind of thing… But that doesn't really make it better, does it...

  4. I am a breastfeeding advocate and love when a woman can feed her baby breastmilk. I know that Milk banks are fairly new and many moms with preemies are turning for others for help. I think that this could have been promoted without using the women on a stage actually pumping. But at time it could be educational for those who don't know how women express milk for those babies. It's all about balance and education rather than humiliation.

  5. Poor taste, for sure. I mean, I can't really understand much of the context, what with it in German and all. But it seems like it makes breastfeeding out to be a joke. Would a female host have done the same?

  6. They're talking about Mother's Milk Banks, which is great. Then the host asks: 'How does it taste?'
    And the mom who later lets him have a sip from her breast, answers she's got some milk for him in a bottle.
    Then he wonders: 'I suppose I can't have a sip straight from the breast?'
    And the woman agrees.

  7. Oh my gosh! Are you kidding me?! I was so embarrassed watching this! I just felt like they've made such a mockery of it! Wow!


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