What's in a sofa?

There are ads I welcome with all my heart. To dash off to the bathroom without missing anything interesting! Having said that, there are some ads that are actually enjoyable. Some of them are even like little pieces of art.

Amelia loved the ScS ads

Amelia Howarth (10) liked the ads of ScS sofa starring 'Victoria'. In fact she liked them so much she wrote an email to tell them so. They in turn liked her email so much, they wrote her right back and invited her on a behind the scenes tour! Amelia's brother William and her mum Emma got to tag along.
Afterwards Amelia said: "I was really excited to visit the ScS store and meet Victoria from the ads. The whole day was really fantastic and I enjoyed meeting the nice people from ScS. I have shown all my friends the signed script I was given by Victoria and told them all about it. It really is the best day of my holidays and I can’t wait to see the new ads on the TV.”

I don't get it

Curious to see what all the fuss was about I headed on over to the ScS website to have a look. I pushed the play button, and saw a woman dressed in jeans and a white sweater. She was walking around in an area with lots of sofas. She was all excited about the prices of the sofas and very chipper. I kept waiting for the punchline, but there wasn't one.

Now I get it!

Oh well, I guess Amelia and I have different tastes. Since I was there anyway, I decided to have a look round and see what was on offer. Sofas can tell a lot about a person I think. I've got a battered Chesterfield I found on eBay. So I typed 'Chesterfield' in the search box, and I liked what I saw! They had this great Chesterfield with fabric covered cushions!
I may not have fallen in love with the ad, but I'm totally in love with their Chesterfield!

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