Herr Spitzer: unpopular among my kids

After reading prof. dr. Manfred Spitzer's book titled 'Digitale Demenz' I got a bee in my bonnet about the kids spending too much time playing computer games.
I found Spitzer unpleasantly convincing when I read his sorry tale, telling me that kids' brains dumb down if they spend too much time behind a screen. I don't want that to happen to my kids! It's bit enough it's happening to me, but not my kids!
So I tightened up the parental rules. The kids are complaining of course. But I just say to them: 'Tell it to dr. Spitzer!'
I think it's safe to say Herr Spitzer is not very popular amond my kids.
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  1. We've got limits here on them, but my daughter is in high school and thinks texting doesn't constitute phone time. It's always a battle.


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