Ad Networks and their exclusivity demands

I've been steadily earning an income from my blogs. Partly by being a member of ad networks. But now one of them wants me to sign a contract, promising exclusivity.
But I like being my own blogger! I like being the one calling the shots. I like it, that it's up to me, and only me, to decide if I want to work with a brand or not. I don't want other people/ ad networks to tell me who I can work with.

I like my freedom as a blogger

It's almost like a relationship! I've been married for 20 years. And my husband and I are definitely exclusive. But when it comes to blogging, I like my freedom. I want to be able to play around. I want to, I'm going to say it, be promiscuous!
So now I'm trying to decide whether the promise of some big bucks is worth sacrificing my indepence for...
How do you feel about exclusivity? 
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  1. I like how you've been so honest in this post. Many bloggers nowadays just want to earn money, Not that that's a bad thing, If given the opportunity I too would love to make some income online as I am also currently a stay at home mom. But how you expressed clearly how you still want your freedom as a blogger, I admire you for that :)

  2. Think this sounds a little exciting...but that is me:)
    I would love to earn money on what I love to and writing.


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