Effective Parenting 102

'We're going for a nice, family walk!' I told the kids. And I felt a bit sweaty while delivering my message. Because I know my kids...
'It will be great fun!!!' I added against my better judgement.
But sure enough, the kids started a revolt, saying they didn't want to go.
'If you're not coming, you'll have to come to church with me!' I heard myself threaten.
Immediately the kids fell silent. And sullenly they went to put on their shoes and jackets. I was pleasantly surprised that my empty threat proved to be so effective!
So all Christmas long, whenever the kids were not playing nice I said: 'Do you wanna go to church?! Do you?!' And then they cowered and whispered with tears in their eyes: 'Noooo mommy, we'll be good!'
I'm not sure what's worse. A mom keeping her kids in line with threats of going to church, or the fact that the threat of going to church is so effective...


  1. Oh no. That's no good. My kids are a little younger so threatening time out works effectively for them.

  2. I think it's whatever you feel works best. Sadly, some of our threats eventually are no good after a while. So we have to make new ones up. We always follow through with them, but sadly even my little guy gets bored with it.


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