A kitchen with a view

When I have my morning coffee around ten 'o clock every morning, I like to gaze out of our kitchen window.

Sometimes I see a lone tractor driving by. But usually all is still.


And as I sit there, I think of my grandmother and my great aunt. They are the ones that used to live in these rooms, that are now inhabited by my noisy family. They are the ones that úsed to look out of that kitchen window.

The story goes, that on the rare occasions a car drove by, my grandmother hurriedly called her sister.

'Madge! Quick! You gotta see this. There's a cár.'
And then they'ld speculate about where that car might be going.
'It's not going to the Ingalls,' my aunt would say. 'Because it's not turning left!'
'Give it a chance Madge!' my grandma would object. 'It still might!'

Yes, life in the country sure is full of excitement. You just have to really want to séé it.

I wonder where that lone tractor is going...
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  1. That is a lovely view! We don't live in the country but I sure love that the window over my kitchen sink looks out to the front of the house....I love to watch the cars, people, kids go by and find myself asking many of the same questions ;)

  2. Hi! I found you on the Saturday SITS Sharefest. This is a sweet post. I will admit to doing this as well, but not just in the country...I love people watching from anywhere and speculating about who they are and what they are doing like a little game.

  3. The view out your kitchen window is so peaceful and beautiful. I love quiet and I would so love to live in the country. I live in a small town but we still hear loud engines, sirens, dogs, etc. My significant other grew up on a farm and he wants to move back out into the middle of nowhere. I say when do we leave?!

  4. I like your view too. It must be nice to see people going by. Makes you feel like you're 'in the thick of things' I think.

  5. Good point. You can speculate about where people are going anywhere, any time, any place!

  6. It's a mixed belssing I've discovered Nicole. It is really nice and peaceful, but sometimes I feel a bit isolated.


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