Strike a pose

If you're a blogger you get all kinds of requests.

Like people offering you guestposts out of the goodness of their heart. All they ask in return is a small link to their gambling website. It's nothing, really.

But last week I got a new kind of offer, asking me if I'ld like to pose in my underwear in a local newspaper. No funny business! Just to show off my runner's body. Now, I don't know about the whole runner's body thing. Sure I run. But unfortunately that doesn't necessarily mean I have a runner's body.

But never mind that!

I rushed to my husband to tell him the news, picturing him doing a Christian Grey and telling me my body was his, and his alone! But he barely looked up from his Star Trek video and mumbled: 'You'ld better not wear those old panties with the holes in them.'

Disapointed I slunk back to my computer and cowardly typed an email telling them: 'My husband won't let me. He's a bit Christian Grey that way.'
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  1. Not only did you make me smile I actually laughed out loud on a Monday! Great to find you from SITS Girls!


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