Create your own hothouse for dummies

While I have to do all the boring gardening stuff, like pickings weeds, my husband does the vegetable garden. Growing vegetables gets him even more excited than a Star Trek episode!
It's still kind of cold outside, but he couldn't wait to start sowing his seeds. So he created his own little hothouse, using some bricks and a piece of perspex. He built it against a wall where the sun always shines. And it worked! After only one week one of the seeds stuck its head out of the soil.

Hot house for dummies
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  1. Cool..a hothouse.. will hope to see what grows from it in time to come.

  2. I have one pretty similar to that doing it's magic right now :)

  3. Here I have to make sure it isn't too hot, and they get cooked. That is neat though.

  4. That is so clever! I wonder if it would make seeds grow quicker with the warmth. I am impatient and have a grey thumb.


  5. It definitely makes the seeds grow faster! Or so my husband keeps telling me.


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