Curtains in shabby chic style

A few posts ago I wrote about how I finally found some curtain rods after two and a half years of living without any curtains.

And now I'm happy to report I've found some curtains too. I'd had my eye on them for a long time. But I was worried they would be too busy. And maybe they are, but I don't care anymore. I'm totally in love with the pretty pattern.
I love the flowers, I love the cages and I love the pretty little birds.
And I love the price: one package of two curtains only costs 10 bucks. So all in all I only had to spend 30 dollars to get pretty curtains on three windows.

Take a look at the beautiful pictures on my curtains.

Well? How do you like them? 
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  1. I love this pattern. It is so feminine and especially wonderful at this spring season. They look lovely at the window. Good for you for getting this at such a super price!

  2. I love these colors! Of course I know my husband would never allow it (lol!) but I really love the design! Beautiful!

  3. I'm loving the pattern! It's so hard to find shabby chic fabric here in Manila to make into anything. You'd have to be a real good shopper to find them in secluded stores.

  4. I don't think they are too busy and I love the price! It's always nice to find something you love at a decent price.

  5. I know what you mean Lexie. That's why I didn't ask my husband for his opinion. I just silently put them up, and pretended nothing was different.

  6. Yes it is, isn't it! I'm really enjoying them.

  7. Nice job! I thought it would take you forever to find the right fit but that was pretty quick!

  8. How pretty. Love the fabric! Thank you so much for sharing at Tuesdays at Our Home. Hugs, Maria


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