Hamburger maker: put to the test

hamburger maker
I like to make my own hamburgers. I'm not a 'make-it-from-scratch' kind of person, but a hamburger? That I can do!
I mix ground beef with an egg and some bread crumbs. I add some salt, and then I mush it all together. Once that's done I start claying meatballs. And then I squash the meatballs into hamburgers. Unfortunately my hamburgers don't look like hamburgers. They look like someone flattened a meatball.
So I decided to try a hamburger maker!

A hamburger maker? What's that when it's at home?

With a hamburger maker you can actually create professional looking burgers, or so the packaging said. The hamburger maker didn't come with a manual. Apparently the 4 pictures on the side of the box were supposed to tell me everything. Unfortunately they did not. So I had to figure it out by myself.

And on the fourth day I created the hamburger!

I stuffed the ground beef into the hamburger maker, and pushed the button down. And lord and behold! I had created a hamburger! Look!

They look very professional if I say so myself!
Unfortunately they were quite thick. So I only managed to squeeze three hamburger out, instead of my normal five hamburgers.
I put them into the oven for 40 minutes and then they looked like this.

Summing up

I only used the hamburger maker once. I felt the hamburgers were too thick, and I had to use too much ground beef. So we're back to my squashed meatballs.
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  1. Hi Nicole,
    I always make mine by hand as well. We are planning to grill some over the weekend. They may not look beautiful but they are so delicious. Thanks for sharing your experience with the hamburger patty maker.

  2. Sometimes I make them by hand and sometimes we buy them pre-made. I prefer the pre-made. I just hate the feel of raw meat...I always have so I'd rather pay a little extra. I love making them on the grill! Yum!

  3. We make our patties by hand, too. Since you mentioned that the hamburger maker seems to make them rather thick, I don't think that would work well for us either because my husband really prefers smaller burgers. And we're just going to eat them anyway so I figure they don't have to look all that pretty... :)

  4. You're welcome! And I hope you have a great weekend with great hamburgers!

  5. I know what you mean Susie. The feeling of raw meat is kind of gross! But at least then you know what's in your hamburger.

  6. I didn't like the thick hamburgers either. And since I usually smother them in ketchup you can't see they're in bad shape : )


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