Hot air balloon almost in our yard

We live on a quiet country road. Nothing much happens there. And usually the road looks like this:

But then one night, this happened:
It practically landed in our front yard. And from everywhere people came to have a look. Our road has never been so busy!

I have to admit, it was quite impressive to see such a big hot air balloon up close. And I was even more impressed when I saw the tiny car they folded the hot air balloon into. Hot air balloons really are very efficient. You can travel by air, and after you're done you just put them in your purse. If only you didn't have that pesky basket to consider.

Bucket list

Lots of people have a hot air balloon ride on their bucket list. For anyone who doesn't know what a bucket list is: it's a list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket. In other words, before you die.
Personally I don't really 'do' bucket lists. I don't see the point really. If I want to do something, I'll just do it. Why put it on a bucket list? I need another to-do list like I need the kids to have yet another day off  from school.
But if I ever did make a bucket list, riding in a hot air balloon wouldn't be on there. I would 'get some peace and quiet' at the top of my list.
Do you have a bucket list? And what's on it?

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