Handy tool: public post preview plugin!

If you like to make some money with your blog, you probably write sponsored posts and advertorials.

Let them check your post out before it's published

Lots of companies want to check a sponsored post before it's published. I used to copy my post, pasted it into an email and then added info about anchor texts and links. It was quite troublesome! And even though the company could check the text, they didn't get to see the whole picture.

Or maybe you interviewed another blogger and they want to check out the finished product before you hit publish.

Sending them the text is an option, but you can do better!

Public Post Preview plugin

I got all excited when I heard about the Public Post Preview plugin. After installing this plugin, you have the option to 'enable public preview'. This will provide you with a link to your unpublished post. You can send this link to anyone who would like to check out your post before it's published.

The only thing you need to think of, is that the preview link works for 24 hours. After that it turns into a pumpkin! Just kidding. After 24 hours it stops working, and you have to get a new preview link.
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  1. This is great. I am so new to WordPress and love hearing about wonderful tips like this. Thanks!

  2. Nicole,
    You always find the best tools and give such good advice to us who blog. Thanks for unearthing this plug in for us. I downloaded it. It may come in handy.


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