Who's a naughty garden gnome then?!

Look what I found at the local thrift store:

I totally fell in love with this naughty dwarf.

Though let me say that I'm a Good Girl. I never swear and I do not give people the finger.

But somehow this dwarf spoke to me...

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  1. Well, what can one say???
    Everyone's good a naughty side *grin*
    Happy Wordless Wednesday :)
    no. 42

  2. Thank you, I really needed this laugh. Gotta love it. Everyone should have a naughty gnome in the garden.

  3. My wife offered to buy me one of those on Sunday, I declined of course. Can't have knomes running round the garden unchained.

    1. Good point Bill. Don't know what your wife was thinking!

  4. He looks fun and we do need fun in our life =) #ww

  5. Rude little guy, isn't he?
    Hope you'll stop by weekly at Wordless Wednesday (on Tuesday) and share! This week's linkup is here: http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2014/08/drip-drip-with-linky.html

  6. I may or may not have a bit of a LOVE for gnomes..and have 4 in my home...lol. Love it! :)


  7. Haha! This made me laugh this morning.

  8. I've seen some crazy gnomes. Wonder what his story is.


  9. At first I didnt realize his gesture, oh my.....he is naughty!!


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