Queen of the mundane

With five kids I don't need to go on a rollercoaster to get my fix of ups and downs.

Even without world travel, concerts, barbecues with friends, big birthday parties, my body is filled with all the adrenaline I need.

Which is probably why I love it when things are Normal. Normal as in the kids are going to school. My husband is going to work. And I'm doing the cooking and the cleaning.

What others describe as being in a rut, I lóve. I'm an introvert!

So when I stumbled across this postcard, I bought it immediately. I've taped it on the door to the cupboard that is my office.

And I wear my title with pride!

Queen of the mundane daily life

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  1. Love it! I love a good quiet mundane day!

    1. Yes, there's nothing wrong with routines and peace and quiet.

  2. Oh how I would love to have a day where I was just cooking and cleaning!


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