Blogger problems: distorted thumbnails and how to to fix them

Blogger problems like distorted thumbnails can be fixed! Sometimes it takes a while to find the solution. Here's the solution to fix distorted thumbnails!
It's one of those Blogger problems I've been wrecking my brains over!

How to fix the distorted thumbnails oin my Blogspot blog.

Because they look sad and amateurish. And not what I'm looking for.

Blogger problems

I love Blogger. I love the way it protects me from screwing up my blog. If I do something that's just not right, Blogger simply refuses to save it. Instead if sends me a message! Something with the word 'error' in it. And some codes I don't get. So user friendliness is definitely not one of my Blogger problems.

Distorted thumbnails

My blog Momfever is based on the Blogger Simple Template. But I wanted something extra. Something to make it look like it wasn't a Blogspot template. And I wanted my visitors to be able to see instantly what my blog has to offer them. So I wanted to get rid of my long posts on the homepage. Instead I wanted a magazine layout.

After a whole lot of searching I found the code to get the magazine look. The code created a nice grid style. With thumbnails on the left. And that's where my Blogger problems started. Because the thumbnails were all wonky. They were lookin squished. So I googled 'Blogger problems thumbnails distorted' till I was blue in the face. I was up all night, but in the end I found the solution! And it's quite simple really.

Fix distorted thumbnails

All you have to do is ignore the height or the width of you thumbnail. And you do that by deleting the numbers that determine the size. And instead you type: 'null'. And that's it! I couldn't believe it was that easy. And that it actually worked! As far as Blogger problems go, this was a hard one to find a solution for. But I did.

Summing up

If you have thumbnails on your homepage, and they look all wonky exchange the sizing of either the height or width with null.

Like this:

blogger problems

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! Pinning it so I can find it next time I need it!

  2. Thanks for this info and sharing on Weekends Are Fun, very useful info to have. Im always tweaking my pics. Have a great weekend, hope to see you Wednesday!!


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