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January 6, 2015

Parenting pictures: the truth + Linky!

Photography: Danielle Guenther

Wanna see all of Danielle's brilliant pictures about parenting? Click here!

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12 comments on "Parenting pictures: the truth + Linky!"
  1. Funny and so true!

  2. How interesting, love how the child is standing watching everything.
    Wish you a great 2015!

  3. LOL made me larf :-)

    Happy 2015 :-)

  4. :) this photo made me laugh!

  5. That's so cute.. yeah.. we parents do everything to keep the kids in bed.

  6. funny! I'm kind of glad I'm past that point!!

  7. LOL - so true!
    I confess I've done this! on more than one occasion.

  8. LOL, thanks for the giggles! :)

  9. Oh, Mom n Pop are sooo smooth! :D


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