Beware of my heart!

Motherhood has made me vulnerable. And since I've got five children my vulnerability is multiplied by 5. So whenever I hear the sound of an ambulance, or the phone rings at an odd time, I worry.

And when teacher call me and ask: 'Are you sitting down? I would like to talk to you for moment,' my legs go all wobbly. Because these phone calls are usually not to tell me something nice...

'Do you have a moment? I'ld like to have word.'

There was a time when I was walking my youngest son to his classroom, when suddenly his teacher popped up and said to me: 'Do you have a moment? I'ld like to have a word.'

Everything around me turned quiet, and I felt my whole life flash before me. There I was eating chocolate, there I was eating some more chocolate and there I was eating a chocolate Easter Bunny.

While I was enjoying my flashback the teacher worriedly put her hand on my arm, and said in reassuring tones: 'Don't worry! It's nothing serious. And even if it was serious, it would be alright.'

Okay, I'm ready.

So I took a series of deep breaths, and put my head between my knees for good measure. Then I looked up and said: 'Okay, tell me. I'm ready!'

'Well, I noticed your son pronounces the letter 'l' in a special way. That's all.'

Obviously my son is fine, but clearly I suffer from severe School Traumatic Stress Syndrome.
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  1. I would think the worst, too!

  2. This was a good post for me to read. I was a teacher for 12 years and now I work at a university, teaching people to be teachers. New teachers are scared to death, but they need to remember that even the simplest, most innocent words can strike fear in a parent. I will caution them to approach situations gently. :) Thanks for sharing at the Weekend Blog Hop at My Flagstaff Home!


    1. Thanks Jennifer for your thoughtful reply! Moms can't help but feel vulnerable sometimes.

  3. A great post, you obviously are a wonderful mother who cares very much.
    Thanks so much for sharing this on Fridays Blog Booster Party.

  4. Hysterical!!! And so true! I only have two boys - I can't imagine multiplying that feeling with 5! Thank you for sharing at the Healthy Living Link Party.

  5. Thanks for the chuckle and sharing at Small Sunday Victories. Pinning to our Pinterest board. Shandra

  6. Awwww hahaha, not a mom yet but I can totally imagine! I was a kindergarten teacher for the past 4 years, and whenever I had to call a mom I would be like, "Hi, Ms. so-and-so? This is your child's teacherdontworryeverythingisfine" ;P Hopefully nobody had too bad a heart attack on my watch...!

    Love how your flashback is a sequence of eating various chocolate hahahaha! I think mine is brushing my teeth. :P Sooooo much time spent brushing teeth over a lifetime...


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