Soup Envy

soup envy
My husband and I wage a silent battle about who works the hardest, and who's the most tired. But apart from that, we fight about who can cook the best soup.

Bland versus spicy

Hubby says his soup tastes the best, but I think it's more bland than Tinkiewinkie without his red purse. So I told hubby he was very much mistaken, and my spicy soup obviously was the better dish. But he kept gulping down big glasses of water to make his point. Again.

'Hey, that's my soup!'

So when I cooked myself a lovely pot of soup, I poured the leftovers into a bowl, to have for lunch the next day. But suddenly I heard the banging of pots and pans, and saw hubby heating up my soup!
'Hey, that's my soup, you know!' I called out.

'I'm hungry' hubby said, and added: 'I'll leave you some, don't worry.'
Triumphantly I said: 'So you do like my soup!'
Hubby didn't respond, but then I heard him use the kitchen faucet, and pretending to talk to himself: 'Right, let's add a whole lot of water to get it to taste right!'

I'm just saying.

It's obvious who wins the Prize of Patience and Restraint!

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  1. Fun! I'm the one who gulps water at our house...! Thanks for sharing

  2. My husband is always eating up my leftovers, too. I've resorted to hiding things away in cabinets...

  3. This is so cute. My hubby is the spicy food maker but thankfully I like spicy !!! LOL Thanks for sharing a laugh this morning.

  4. So funny! We disagree over salt vs. spice in our soup, too! Thanks for sharing your funny post at Together on Tuesdays :)

  5. Rofl -- one patience and restraint prize, coming right up! How dare he eat your lunch without admitting your soup is better? The nerve! ;P

    Thanks for linking up at Free and Fun Friday!

  6. Got to love this man.
    Fridays Blog Booster Party #24

  7. This made me laugh! The proof is in the eating! He likes your soup!

    1. Yes that's what I think! If only he would admit it!

  8. Great that you can both cook! Thanks for sharing and giving us a smile at #WednesdaysWisdom

  9. That is so funny! I make the soup around here, my husband grills, I can't do what he does, he chooses not to do what I do, it works well for us! LOL You two make me giggle!


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