iPhone spam + Linky

Leaving your smartphone somewhere on the kitchen table isn't very smart.

Because when I grabbed it go for a run, I found a whole series of strange selfies of my youngest daughter.

But since they're from my daughter, I love them!

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  1. Can tell she was having fun. LOL. Reminds me of my oldest daughter. Won't let me take a picture for the live of me, but will take selfies all over the place. A bit confusing.
    Of course, my youngest girls have been known to get the phone and take some interesting pics.

    1. That's a good point Kewkew. My kids are quite camera shy too, but when it comes to taking selfies there's suddenly no problem.

  2. LOL I have done that too and nearly broke the camera but ssshhh! don't tell anyone :-)

    Love those poses LOL

  3. LOL I'm just waiting for the day that my kids do the same.

  4. Your right you never know what you will find, there cute!

  5. We have that problem here too - the moment the kid gets a hold of the phone, many selfies! At least at age three she's gotten to where something other than her foot!

  6. Very cute! My daughter does the same thing.

  7. That looks like something my daughter would do too. Thanks for linking up! Have a great weeked.

  8. Weekend. Sorry I forgot the n.


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