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No chance of getting fired...

October 19, 2015
Today the complaints kept pouring in.

My eldest daughter couldn't find her favorite skinny jeans, and my husband was out of matching socks. My youngest son had to send out an APB for his lost shoe, and my youngest daughter slipped in a pool of lemonade,. I hadn't had time to mop it up yet.

Will I finally get fired?!

I looked at them hopefully: would this mean I'ld finally get fired, and be able to get some rest? But noooo, after filing their complaints they all looked at me expectantly to come up with a solution.

Sadly I could nót leave the premises covered in shame for poor performance.

So I sighed, got a mop, pulled the skinny jeans and socks out of the hamper, found the shoe that had gone awol, put a cast on my daughters leg and mopped the floor.

What a job: 24-hour shifts, seven days a week, and no chance of getting fired.


  1. You could always go on maternity leave ;)

  2. You described a moms job so well!!! I remember those days but we never get fired:)

  3. LOL, don't I know that feeling well. I'm a new follower here from the SSS Hop! Have a great day!

    Carrie from Network Marketing Mama

  4. And there's MORE bad news. You NEVER get to retire. That's right. The hubby may, you will never will. Because there will always be someone that depends on you to be their support system. I know, I know...it stinks. I didn't read the fine print either !

    New follower. And thanks for stopping by "the Hut"

  5. lol - I know that feeling. Hopped from Tiki Hut.

  6. Enjoyed reading your blog. I am a new follower from the hop and would love if you came and followed me back at Free eBooks Daily

  7. Following from relax and surf! And holy cow, I get it. Never a dull moment.

  8. I know the feeling! Some days (most) I feel like I'm fielding zingers left and right! What is it about families that makes them think moms know everything and where to find it? Geez!

  9. I completely understand.

  10. sounds like it's time for some "mommy time". it's well-deserved! :)

  11. Never was there a more aacurate saying ' a woman's work is never done', even in this modern day. Our family's seems to think we are the Oracle of Thebes.

  12. I am not looking forward to those days. Right now I just have to deal with the meltdowns of my 20 month old saying words I don't know what they mean and I can't figure out what she needs. I really hope I can figure out what 'pogos' means before too long.

    Have a Marvelous Monday!

  13. Hardest job in the world!
    Stopping by from the VB's event - already a follower.

  14. Haha, so funny and true!

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    Happy Monday!

  15. There is only one problem with that job- no pay. I don't have any children but I know my Mom would do it all over again without expecting a paycheck. Even as I am 4 years away from the big 3-0, my Mom's work is never done.

    New follower- feel free to come on over. http://edgeofinsane.blogspot.com

    Have a great week and try to get some R&R!

  16. Lol. Funny & true!! I never thought about getting fired from this mommy job of mine. LOL. It would be nice for a day or a week ;-).

    Stopping by to say hi!! I'm one of your newest followers from Monday monkey Hop.


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  20. I've been hoping my husband would fire me for years - don't think its happening anytime soon. I love your blog - totally hilar! New GFC follower from Monday Mingle.


  21. You've forgot having to think for everyone else too!!!I'm just back from our travels to the UK & ireland to see the family, the best time to get a weeshy bit of time off is being with the grandparents, don't relax too much thou or they might feed your 14 month old black forest gateux as a "treat" LOL

  22. Visiting from Mommy Monday blog hop. Your day job sounds like my day job! Too funny.

  23. Lol !! So true. Thank you for sharing with us at #HomeMattersparty. We would love to have you again next week.

  24. Oh what a thought, it might be nice to be suspended for a day or so! Thank you for linking to #featurefridays

  25. Haha! That is so true! There are definitely days that I wish I could get fired.

  26. Thanks for the laugh! I really needed that today after having a similar morning. I appreciate the reminder of the glamorous work that we do as mothers. It really is all worth it, right? Thank you also for sharing this with all of our Let's Get Real readers.

  27. I think we can all relate to this one. It's the only job in the world that is non-paying, unappreciated by others, relentless, and we get up everyday to do it all over again. Thanks for the laugh, and sharing on Sunday's Best linkup.

  28. This is cute. Thanks for linking up with us and I so get this. Really cute. I need to look at your blog more to see if you draw all the cartoons.


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