Don't you go looking at my timeline!

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'I don't want you looking at my timeline!'

It sounds like a line from a futuristic science fiction movie, but I swear it's straight from my daily life as a mom in the year 2016.

Kind of eavesdropping

Last Friday I was busy in the kitchen, having my cake and eating it too, when the phone rang. It turned out to be my eldest son's ex-girlfriend, who dumped him because she wanted to see if the grass was indeed greener on the other side.

Even though I don't feel very warm and fuzzy towards her, I obediently took the phone up to my son's bedroom. After I'd handed him the phone, I lingered a bit, hoping to catch some interesting soundbites.

Yes, I was trying to eavesdrop, so sue me! A mom has got to get her intel somehow.

He closed the door in my face

But I was out of luck, because my son firmly closed the door on me. I cursed my luck and the bad timing for my parenting skills to finally pay off. Because for years I've been shouting:

'Close the door behind you!' 

But to no avail. And nów when I dídn't want him to close it, he did… Typical! So I went downstairs, back to my natural habitat: the kitchen.


After about a quarter of an hour my son came down, returning the phone
'Well?' I asked gently. 'What did she want to talk to you about?'
'She was angry, because she thought I'd been looking at her timeline,' he shrugged. 'But I think she had blocked me, or I her.'
'But that means you cán't look at her timeline, can't you?' I said, because I'm very 'with it'.
'No, that's right. I don't get it either,' he mumbled.

And then he went back upstairs.
To his own timeline.

How do you like modern day parenting?
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  1. Because I'm a modern day parent I have Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc
    Otherwise I wouldn't be bothered.

    1. Yes, they're good to have if you have children. Just so you can keep up with them.

  2. Thanks for the amusing real life parenting story. My timeline is past that so I can enjoy your stories. Keep up the good work of parenting.

  3. It's very different world we live in now! lol

  4. I'm finding this hilarious. Looking at her timeline? My children are 4 years and 4 months. I wonder what the issue will be when they reach dating age. lol (visiting from Mom 2 Mom Monday)

  5. Oh the joys... :P I remember those days!! Thanks for sharing and linking up to Dishing It & Digging It! Looking forward to seeing you each week!

  6. Catching up on my #FridayFrivolity reading... this was too funny!! ;P Oh teenage drama on the internet!!


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