Don't call me, I'll email you

don't call me

I can't stress this enough:

'The best way to get in touch with me is with email.'

Blabbering fool

He or she who feels the need to pick up a phone and call me, will not catch me at my best. The necessity to reply instantly and adequately stumps me, and leaves me a blabbering fool who agrees to just about anything, and then regrets it.

Not a fan of the mobile phone

So obviously I am not a fan of the mobile phone. Because of this modern torture device people can find you anywhere, even if you don't want to be found.

Like last Thursday morning, when I was out shopping, trying on a dress just as my mobile started ringing. Quickly I tried to pull the dress over my head, and started scrabbling around my purse. Of course as soon as I finally found it, it defiantly stopped ringing.

'What a relief, now I don't have to answer the phone,' I thought at first.

But only too soon relief was replaced with anxiety, because what if that was school, trying to tell me the kids had an accident?!

You have 0,01 cents left

With sweaty hands I started pushing buttons, trying to remember how to listen to my messages. My six year old has explained it to me lots of times.

Finally I found the right combination of numbers, and heard the electronic voice of my provider: 'You have 0,01 cents left.' The cent I had just wasted calling my voicemail.

I'm cool, I'm calm. I'm collected!

When I got home I checked my emails and took my time forming eloquent and intelligent replies, thereby giving the impression of a cool, calm and collected woman.

And as long as you don't call me, no one can prove otherwise.

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  1. Text messaging was invented so you never have to call people, right? I always find it slightly rude when people call me, I swear :D What if I am busy and don't want to talk RIGHT NOW?? Send me a text, and I can answer at my leisure. :)

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  3. I think that since the dawn of texting, I have lost the ability to string a sentence together over the phone. Not only do I hate being put on the spot by a random incoming call, I routinely feel it necessary to review any outgoing message I have left on someone else's voice mail before I send it. It's a rare event for me to send a voice mail before erasing and re-recording it 2 times, minimum. I hope that I don't sound so cracked out when I speak to people live and in the flesh....

    1. The feeling of 'being put on the spot' is very familiar. It's so much nicer if you have some time to think. And get a do-over : )

  4. In my teens and early 20's i loved the ability to have constant access to anyone and everyone via cell phone. Now, with children, work, housework, etc, i despise my phone. I generally don't want to talk to anyone because someone will scream the entire time i am on the phone or decide to poop on something...and texts just require that i text back immediately lest someone get angry....urgh


    1. It's hard to hold a conversation with constant interruptions! You can't collect your thoughts or think about what people are asking you.

  5. Everyone has there different choice for contact - there's nothing wrong with that. :) Thank you for sharing with us at the #HomeMattersParty

  6. This sums me up so much! The only calls I get these days are either call centres, or older people ringing to complain about council stuff they want me to take up for them. The former just drive me mad, and the latter tend to be so awkward because their hearing isn't great and I'm stuck outside a meeting room or whatever trying not to be too loud!

    Thanks so much for linking up over at Friday Frivolity. :)

    1. That sounds very uncomfortable Jessica. But I think it's very nice of you that you try and help these elderly people.

  7. Okay, so you are hilarious (and I one zillion percent agree with the views you set forth in this post, doubt my approval just MAKES your day). I hopped over to Facebook to like your page after I found you at Coffee & Conversation ...and found out I already had. So, yay! Thanks for the funny this morning.

  8. OhMyGoodness, YES! Even if I love more than anyone else in the world, I would rather NOT hang on the phone all day!!!

  9. Couldn't agree more! But, don't text me, either. I hate that too - I find it even more intrusive than a ringing phone. In fact, I disabled the texting feature on my phone ; )

    And, for us homeschoolers, the call that rings in the middle of math class is extra annoying.

    Email is lovely. I can think over my reply and do my best to give an intelligent one - when I'm NOT in the middle of homeschooling.

  10. I'm not crazy about cell phones only because people have somehow gotten the idea that they are ENTITLED to access to you 24/7. Crazy! I don't mind talking on the phone, tho, as long as you are not calling me from a call center or trying to sell me something!

    Thanks for sharing this at Coffee and Conversation, tho - we'll be featuring it at tomorrow's party! (But truly hope nobody calls you as a result - LOL!)


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