Is there shame in thrift store shopping?

thrift store

Since our move to the country I have welcomed several visitors to our new home.

And I proudly show them our living room, decorated entirely with second hand furniture.

'I found all our furniture in thrift shops!' I tell people proudly. 

Is there shame in thrift store shopping?

'Oh dear, don't worry! That's fine!' some of the elderly visitors responded. But I could tell they were taken aback. I appreciated their telling me my thrifty decor was fine, but I never realized it might not be!

Vintage versus just sad

So now I'm wondering: is this a generation thing? Nowadays second hand stuff is called 'vintage', and many people take great pride in their finds. As do I.

But perhaps for the elder generation it's shameful?

How do you feel about shopping in thrift stores?
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  1. I love thrifting and have no shame in proudly announcing where my second hand purchases came from.. as long as the stuff is in good condition- why not? I'd rather something well made that's had a previous owner than some of the cheap and nasty stuff I could buy brand new.
    However my fiance has huge issues.. he hates coming into thrift stores with me and always declares 'this place is depressing me, I need to leave'.
    In my mind, if other people are ashamed, well then good for me, I have more chance of snapping up a bargain if nobody else will go in.. for what it's worth, I bought my wedding dress at a thrift shop. It's not some tacky 80's disaster.. it's beautiful and I can't wait to shock people on the big day when I tell them all where I bought it.

  2. I live at our Goodwill! Why spend more if you don't have to. Also, often times the older items have much better craftsmanship than newer furniture. It is generational, though. I live in an 1888 victorian home and when I purchased it my parents asked why we purchased an old house. Don't let what others think/say affect what you think!

  3. I LOVE THEM! We have recently moved flat and I've been trawling the thrift shops myself and have no SHAME in declaring where I found my pieces. It could be a generation thing and it could be a cultural thing. My family and friends back home can't understand why I'd want someone's used stuff. I love thrift not just for the price but for the originality of the pieces. Sometimes a generic piece from a well known furniture store will not do ;0)

  4. No shame at all. In our house, we proudly say everyone that we thrifted all the furnitures and repainted ourselves.Thank you for sharing with us at #HomeMattersParty .We would love to see you again next week.

  5. I think it is incredibly economical to have thrifted furniture...don't know what those folks problem is.


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