Parenting gone wrong

As a mom it's very important to me, my kids are well mannered. So if somebody says something, and they didn't quite catch it, I don't want them saying:


The correct answer is... 

To teach them this, for every 'Huh', I offer the correct response: 'What did you say?' Unfortunately this parenting method turned out to a bust when I used it on my eldest son.

What when wrong?!

Read the cartoon and weep.

Why is that parenting never goes the way you expected it to?!
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  3. My 3 yr old tries this on me quite often...When I ask her yes/no ma'am question and she says "yeah" or "yes" I tell yes what? and she says "yes what" lol...too funny...

    BTW Love the comic


  4. cute!! Kids are great manipulators, aren't they? I am a new follower, hope you will visit:

  5. LOL, almost as good as when my kids want to ask my permission for something, one of them finally works up the courage to ask me, and says, "Mom?", to which I answer, "Yes?" Then I hear him/her quickly run down the hall where the siblings are all eagerly waiting. The rest of them pester, "So what did she say?" to which he/she replies, "SHE SAID 'YES'!!!"
    Following you now, BTW! Please visit me, too, and follow if you like! :-)

  6. LOL this!! Thanks so much for linking up at #familyfriday. We hope you come back next week.


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