Amaryllis: low maintenance flower : )

My aunt Mary gave me an Amaryllis.

She knows me well, so she gave me one that doesn't even need water! I don't have to do anything at all. I love it!

The reasons it's so low maintenance is that they covered the bulb with some kind of wax!

No more tender loving care left

I couldn't take care of a plant to save my life. I've used up all my tender loving care on my five childeren. I do have flowers in the house however, but they're all fake.

She gave it to me in the first week of January. And five weeks later you can definitely see the difference.

Before and after 5 weeks pictures


This is how it looked when my aunt gave it to me

And this is how it looks 5 weeks later. Without any TLC what so ever!
I can't wait to see the beautiful flowers that will bloom!

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  1. Something blooming sounds marvelous to me right now because it's cold here! Thanks for linking up at the Healthy Living Link Party!
    Blessings, Leigh

  2. A plant that doesn't need water! Now that's my kind of plant :) Saw your link at Blogger’s Pit Stop #60.

  3. Those are going to be some beautiful blooms soon. I haven't seen one like this with the wax, but now I want to investigate.

    Thanks for sharing on #FridayFrivolity

  4. I hope you show us the flower when it blooms. What a wonderful gift, just the sort that I need.

    Bloggers Pit Stop


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