Playing with boxes and bittersweet

When my children were little they often had more fun with the boxes than the actual toys.

Turns out, boxes are fun even when they're teenagers!

Playing with boxes : )

These pictures are bittersweet

These pictures are bittersweet. Because the box contained a really big suitcase. My daughter (the one in the red pants) will be leaving for China in about 4 weeks...

She'll live there for 6 months, teaching a little Chinese girl English. And she'll learn Chinese herself and get to know the Chinese culture.

I love that she has the confidence to spread her wings. That's how it should be.

But like I said: it's bittersweet.

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  1. What a wonderful experience for your daughter, although as you say from your point of view it is 'bitter-sweet'. Thanks for sharing with us at #BloggersPitStop and have great week.

  2. A great experience for her. And our kids will always be our kids. #Alittlebitofeverything


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