Parenting dilemma: how would you solve this one?


Kids should play and get some exercise. And if the weather's bad, they should play board games. And read books.

They should NOT play with their laptops/smartphones/playstation etc.

But what if you child reads books on one of those screens?!

What's a parent to do then?

How do you deal with this dilemma?

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  1. That's hard its much easier to bring around tablets or e-readers than actual books. But if that's the case, maybe just before bed time? Or limit it the same way as video games or computers.

    1. Yes, but the thing is: I love it when they want to read! It's hard to limit their reading time.

  2. Cute :-) While it hurts my eyes, sometimes I read on my laptop as well. I'd just make sure he is really reading....

  3. But mom.... It's so difficult to know when to kick 'em out to play and when to allow computer time. I saw a post on facebook recently that said something like:
    1. Do your chores
    2. Get some exercise
    3. Get today's password!

    Priorities! :)

  4. LOL, sounds like my 9 year old!

  5. This is hilarious. Dumb or fat? That's what this country is coming to! lol

  6. You pose a very good question, one that's right on the mark. Unless parents guide children by leading by example our next generations may very well turn out to be one dimensional. Don't you think that? Visiting on ##TRAFFICJAMWEEKEND, where I shared Vacation Crime Prevention Checklist. Nancy A @

  7. I was a child who read a LOT, and I say even if a child is reading "paper" books s/he needs to get some exercise and some outdoor activity every day. This constant screen time, whether children or adults, is harmful on multiple levels.

    1. I agree with you. But I do find myself struggling when they're reading, because I think that's also very good for them.


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