Why reading books during Summer is easier

Summer reading
I find reading books during Summer easier than during Winter!

The reason that reading Summer is easier, is because I can do it outside. For some reason that helps me to find enough peace inside myself to just sit down for a while and read a book.

I think it's because in my mind, sitting outside and enjoying the sun, is already a usesful activity in itself.

And unfortunately I have this idea I should always be doing something useful with my time.

Reading during Winter is harder

During Winter when I try to sit myself down in a chair, I keep jumping up to 'quickly go and do something'.

During Summer it's easier to stay put.

How do you feel about reading during Summer?

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  1. Not sure if I read MORE during the summer,but I think I read differently. Just finished a 600 page historical fiction novel. Very satisfying.

  2. I love reading outside in the summer too, either at the beach or out on the deck. Just bought a set of soft comfy deck chairs, mostly for reading. It's been great. Thanks for linking up with me, it was nice checking out your blog. www.thismainlinelife.com

  3. I love reading all the time, but I do think summer or just the warmer months in general can be easier because I like to go outside and read too. If I'm inside, I often feel like I should be doing something else - or I get more easily distracted.



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