My life has become very bland


After a vicious cold has robbed me of my sense of smell and taste, my life has become very bland. That's unpleasant, but it comes with some unexpected perks.

Shooting balloons on my computer?!

Because when I staggered into the cubby hole that is my office, my head spinning and my eyes watering, because I still felt like checking my mail, I found hubby in there. He was shooting balloons on my computer.
'It's a good thing you can't smell anything,' he said. And by the proud look on his face I could tell he had done some serious farting. In my office.

You are so gross!

'You are so gross!' I burst out. 'Why don't you take your farts outside! You shouldn't pollute the air in my office!' But I didn't reall feel, or smell, it.

Like I said. Having no sense of smell has got its perks...
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  1. LOL!!! Hope you feel better. You know you inhaled some of those fumes don't ya?

  2. Yuck… thanks for pointing this out...

  3. Yes, all of those little particles in the air!;) Eeewh.

  4. Ha ha! Every cloud has its silver lining. Great post - you are very funny!

  5. Oh my, I hope you feel better! With 5 sons and my husband there's always some gas being expelled around here somewhere.

  6. LOL - MEN!!! I'm glad you can't smell ;)

  7. HA! With all the males in my house, something is always stinking around here LOL


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