And when I dream, I dream of you...


During breakfast hubby told me in an indignant tone of voice, he'd dreamt he wanted to divorce me. Apparently, in his dream, I had abused his absence to decorate our house, with wall to wall Laura Ashley wallpaper.

A grain of truth

As with most dreams, there may have been a small grain of truth in this one. In the past I háve felt decorating inspiration strike me hard, leaving me with no choice but to act right away! Unfortunately this doesn't mesh well with hubby's attitude of: 'Take it slow, and then take it a bit slower'.

I was curious to know: 'Was I prepared to remove the wallpaper?'
'No, you liked it way too much,' hubby said surly.
I was pleased. 'Yeah, that sounds like the me I know!'

'Yeah, to me too,' hubby said bitterly.
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  1. looking at that wall paper I can see why your husband might want to have divorce you in his dream ;)


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