Serendipity in action. This Garden Gnome was meant for me.

Do you know the movie Serendipity? It's all about the idea that if something is meant to be, it will happen. This week I encountered my own kind of serendipity. Here's what happened.


Two weeks ago I was walking around this thrift store when I spotted this really ugly garden gnome. Some might even say it was 'ugly as sin'. It was so ugly, I even took a picture. After looking at the price tag, I left it at the shop and went home. But I kept thinking about the ugly garden gnome. It was so ugly, it was almost charming. After several days I came to a decision. I said to myself:

If it's still there after a week, that means I can buy it. Because then it's.... serendipity!

And what do you know! A week later it was still there. So now I've got a really ugly garden gnome and I named it Serendipity : )

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