Ikea Ektorp sofa: make-over for Fall!

ektorp cover
Don't mind the dog! That's our Trixie.

I love the changing of the seasons. And I love to change my interior accordingly.

Suitable Ektorp cover for Fall.

So I started searching for a suitable Ektorp cover for my Ektorp sofa at the end of August. To help it reflect Autumn.

I love floral covers, but as our home is already shall we say 'quite eclectic,' I decided I'ld better choose a simple solid cover.

Ektorp denim cover

In the end I found this denim cover. I bought it second hand for about 70 USD. So it's an environmentalfriendly choice, which is a nice bonus.

I was a bit worried the color would be a bit dark, and it was. But luckily that problem could be solved easily with some green throw pillows.

The big reveal!

Are you ready for the big reveal? Here it comes!

Ektorp sofa

Looks like a different couch, doesn't it?

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