3 Movies to watch during Christmas: these are my favorites Christmas movies

There are a couple of movies that I love to watch during the holidays. Unfortunately my children and husband don't agree... However, that doesn't stop me from liking them and sharing them with you.

1. Christmas Vacation

Clark Griswold want to have a lovely family Christmas at home. I love that: just staying at home. There are lots of relatable element in the movie. Like when Clark and his wife sing a Christmas song in the car, and then ask their children to sing along. A suggestion that is greeted with a big, awkward silence. But this doesn't face Clark and his wife. They just sing that part themselves.

And there's lots more where that came from. So if you like watching an old fashioned family Christmas at home, you'll like Christmas Vacation I'm sure.

2. Trains and boats and planes

Now technically this isn't a Christmas movie. It's about Thanksgiving. But it definitely has a Christmas vibe. It's sweet, funny and it's a great story.

Steve Martin desperately wants to be home for Thanksgiving, but his plane gets cancelled and he tries to get home in other ways, hence the title.

3. Funny Farm

A movie with Chevy Chase again, and it's not even that I'm a big fan of his. He just happens to star in some of my favorite Christmas movies. In this one Chevy Chase and his wife move to the country. They have this idea of a country idylle...

What's your favorite Christmas movie?

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  1. These are funny!:) It seems you like slapstick comedies. Do you like Home Alone?

  2. We love Christmas Vacation! Thank you so much for sharing your list with us at Encouraging Hearts and Home. Pinned.

  3. Very nice list. Those are all enjoyable. #alittlebitofeverything

  4. I haven't seen Funny Farm but of these I like Trains, Planes, and Automobiles. I think we all know someone like John Candy's character, jovial but hiding deep pain. But my favorite Christmas movie is always A Charlie Brown Christmas. I watched it as a child, then with my children, then with my grandchildren. It will never go out of style.

  5. I'm not a big fan of watching films as I can't sit still for more than 30 mins or so before I need to get up and do something, but will look out for 1 or 2 of these that you mention and record them to watch in sections xxx


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