Secret Identity


When I said 'I do' to my husband, I kept my maiden name. So I may have promised him my eternal love, but I only spoke for the Nicole sporting my maiden name. I don't use his surname which is van Sandwijk.

Which is why I could make no such promises for Nicole van Sandwijk because I didn't know that woman. Nor did I want to.

I've come to appreciate Nicole van Sandwijk

But during the years, I've come to appreciate Nicole van Sandwijk. She takes care of unpleasant phone calls, she writes angry letters to pesky salesmen, and she makes sure I get lots of free samples. All the stuff Nicole Maidenname doesn't want to do, Nicole van Sandwijk takes care of.

After all, she's got nothing to lose, because she doesn't really exist..

Nicole Maidenname thinks Nicole van Sandwijk is a bit bitchy.

But she can come in very handy.

Have you kept your maidenname?
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  1. Yes, I kept my maiden name. I was 52 when I married for the first time. I wasn’t opposed to changing my name, nor was my husband opposed to changing his name to mine. But the process is such a pain in the butt that we decided it was too much trouble.



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