Dutch Prime Minister: we've got enough toilet paper to poop for 10 years!

Even though times are tough, they're also kind of interesting.

It's like the world has come to a standstill.

And even though that's worrying, I also feel it's a chance for all of us to stop and think. To reconsider the way we're doing things. And ask ourselves: Is there maybe another, a better way?

Different leadership styles are interesting to observe

Anyway, apart from that, I also find it interesting to observe the different styles of leadership of the leaders of the world.

Take for example our Prime Minister Rutte. He's known for being down to earth and approachable. But even I did a double take when he said:

'We've got enough toiletpaper to poop for another 10 years.' 
Oh well.

I suppose it suits his style ; )

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