Can men make it through labor?


Giving birth is no picknick! Just ask any mom.

So would men be able to do it? They've always had the perfect excuse not to have to try: they don't have the right body parts.

2 Dutch go through labor

But now it's possible to simulate labor! In the video below, two Dutch men undergo labor. Labor is simulated by placing electrodes onto their stomach.

And sure enough, soon they're writhing in pain! One of them even gives up.

Enjoy this video of men going through labor! With English subs.

They're such whimps!

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  1. I saw something similar a little while ago that a friend shared on facebook. I thought it was so funny then my 15 year old son asked me why these ladies would want to see their husbands in pain. I felt a little bit bad - for about a minute then remembered all the times guys have told me it can't be "that" bad or no-one would have more than 1 child! I think this should be shown in schools!

  2. I would love for my husband to experience this! Especially since I had 4 of his children!! hahah

  3. I think this is hilarious. Men would not be able to handle this. However, they do a lot of other things most women can't do. It evens out in the end. :)


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