Naughty daddy

I was taking my son Piet for his swimming lessons for the umpteenth time, feeling numb with boredom, when he suddenly said: 'Daddy is very naughty!'

'Oh yeah?' I said distractedly, because I was busy feeling sorry for myself.

'Daddy uses lots of naught words'

'Yes, daddy uses lots of naughty words when the other people drive too slowly.'
Now thát got my attention and I asked angrily: 'Whích words did daddy use?'
And in my mind I was thinking of some choice words I would have to say to daddy that night! Like

'What were you thinking?!' 


'I'm doing my best all day, trying to raise our children well, and then you go about spouting all kinds of terrible words?! Shame on you!'


Piet had to think about this. After a while, he interrupted my inner rant to his daddy, and piped up: 'Stupid boy! Drive a bit faster!'
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